We help management teams build stronger business

In each of our investments, DENS Partners seeks to partner with current owners and managers to grow the business. When we jointly determine that the business and management are ready, we spin off our portfolio companies to meet the goals of all involved. To date, we have had many diverse results, including:

  • Selling the strengthened business back to the original management team.
  • Selling the company to the next generation of managers.
  • Selling the company to a Fortune 500 firm.
  • Keeping the company as a DENS portfolio firm.

Here is a brief history of some of those past and current investments


DECCO, founded in 1934 as Donovan Engineering & Construction Company, is a mechanical contractor specializing in design, engineering and installation of process and utility piping for technically challenging industries, such as life sciences and microelectronics. When we took over the company in 1984, it had a negative net worth. We identified unmet niche markets, became the first contractors with the expertise to fill their needs, developed unique training programs for our people, and built DECCO into the largest, most highly respected merit shop mechanical contractor in New England, with annual sales in excess of $50,000,000. In 2012, we completed the sale of the company to the new generation of managers, long term DECCO associates who continue to maintain the mission and core values we established at the company.

North Shore Mechanical Contractors (NSMC), Inc.

NSMC is a specialty plumbing firm that works in the same industries in which DECCO excels. Having worked with NSMC on numerous life sciences projects, we did not hesitate when the NSMC management team needed an infusion of capital to continue its success. We bought the firm, operating it as a partner and sister company to DECCO from 1992 – 2005. During that time, NSMC grew, adding staff, increasing sales and improving profitability. The management team of NSMC expressed their desire to operate as a smaller independent company. We sold the strengthened firm back to the original management team, which has continued its growth and stability throughout the recent economic cycles.

Fluid Solutions, Inc.

Fluid Solutions was a small, independent water purification company whose business dovetailed perfectly with the other DENS Partners companies, DECCO and NSMC. We believed the company had greater potential than it was achieving on its own – and would expand the DENS Partners capabilities to our niche markets. We bought the firm in 2002, improving its profitability by our economies of scale, filling gaps in their management team, and by adding our strong sales and marketing team to their efforts. As Fluid Solutions grew, its management team informed us that they would like the company to be part of a larger organization more focused in their areas of expertise. In 2006, we sold Fluid Solutions to a Fortune 500 company.

DENS Facility Services (DFS)

DFS is a facility maintenance and management firm working exclusively in life science and advanced technology facilities. The company was originally founded as a DENS Partners company with a single principal who continues to manage the business. Presently DFS operates with its own management team and cadre of facility managers, growing to operate divisions in both New England and the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. The DFS management team continues to believe that their needs are best served as a DENS Partners’ company, allowing the team to turn to us at any time they need our technical, operational, financial, or sales and marketing expertise.